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Weak spots

What's with all the high horse reactionism latley people? Suddenly everybody has something they feel so strongly about that they won't hear other opinions. I have strong opinions too, but I also try my best to be open to those whose opinions contradict my own. Yeah, sometimes it's hard, but if you think about it... you really can't know anything for sure.

I have a hard time letting in strong opinions that come out of know where. Or those that are SO incredibly strong that it's over bearing. If somebody protests SO much to something it (in my opinion, and the opinion of most psychologists) it usually means thay have some deep rooted weakness with it themselves. When somebody is mugged by a homeless guy, and suddenly this person is adimate about throwing them ALL in jail because they are a blight on the city. Or those guys who spend TOO much time complaining about how fake and stupid britney speares, and then go home to jack off for hours over her videos/magazine cut outs.

A largely accepted opinion which I agree with, says that when somebody feels vulnurable feelings, (Guilt, Shame, Betrayal, Pain, Hurt from another) they quickly cover their open weak spot with a strong emotion, most commonly, Hate and those little feelings that go with it. With hate, one feels strong and can protect their weakspot.

Everybody has a weak spot, most people won't admit to it, and almost nobody would admit it even if directly pointed out. Having a weak spot pointed out brings on more powerful defensive feelings.

I believe a weak spot of mine, is just this, weakspots. I get so frustrated with people who get all reactionary about things and go berserk. When governments go attack innocent countries, when some angry anglo kills an indian because he *looks middle eastern.* That's my peeve.

Now, if I could only begin to understand my weakness, and then begin to heal it. To heal a weakspot, nuture it, and make it strong I think is better than jumping off the handle anytime somebody has a knee-jerk high horse reactionary response to something.

Can you find your weak spot?
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