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So, im sick, had a pretty bad start to my day. This morning after the chiropractor and a shitty brunch I returned home with many emotions "Time for a Technoshaman style mix tape, maybe this one will finally work." but all the usual problems went wrong. My opening record I had never mixed with before and it was some odd BPM like 137 or something (I've yet to understand how to count BPMs, or even try) I couldn't seem to match right with any other record. So I had to start over, first I took my 135bpm record to match it with so I could start on an even number, which worked fine, but then the 10 year old tape deck frigged out again and started only recording on the left channel. Which is my weird Karma thing, all my mix tapes seem to only want to record on the left channel.

I stop the record and yell out a big fat "FUCK!" at the top of my lounges. Damn, that felt good. So then I spent a great while working on creating music and chatting with people. Then at about 3:30 I was DEAD tired, so I took a nap. Which is something I NEVER do, it felt sooooooooo good. Yumm!

I woke up in a daze, caught my berrings, and talked to my beloved Soulmate Becca. YAY! Ate a burrito, mmmmm.

Then.........I felt's time to DJ, Technoshaman style! So I popped in a mix tape, lit a Reki infused Positive Energy Candle, turned off the lights, and went at it.

BAM!!!! It felt great, what a challenge, I loved it! I used mostly new reks that I had yet to try to spin. Whoa, I felt the energy, moved the flow. The pulsating deep trance beats penetrating my soul.....ooooooooooohhhhhhhhh. Orgasmic. This was the first time a set of mine worked when I taped it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For my own memories, and all those curious, here is my set list:

Artist - Song Title - Mix - Label

Andy Lindsay - Strummer - Original - Zone
Submarine- Sunbeam - Way Out West Vocal Dub - Kinetic
Kolo - Edge Of Forever - Original - Fade
Fisher Project - I Get A Rush - I get Deeper - Neo
Z2- I Want You - Moshic + Zidan - Platipus
Infected Mushroom - BP Empire - Deep - StreetBeat

Now time for 6 feet under. BYO BYO!
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