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Here I am again, doing teeny tiny blurbs instead of my usual posts. I will not be posting for anybody else, so if you don't like what I post. Then don't read it. Period.

My favorite progressive-ish producers/artists:

Norman Cook
Timo Maas
Deep Dish
Andy Lindsay
Way Out West

My favorite progressive-ish labels:

Hooj/Lost Language

Personal Notes to self:

Wow, Way Out West is really amazing! I've heard them talked a lot about before and I downloaded a couple of their songs a long time ago but they didn't really snag me. Then I heard their remix of Submarine's "Sunbeam" was blown away, then heard Hypnotize. WHOA! They just made my list! Crazy stuff, maybe I should get their album.

Andy Lindsay is so cool, I just got his release on zone, Strummer, and it's great. I am so excited to see him getting records released. I've always loved his stuff from he reminds me of quivver sometimes, but I haven't heard a ton of quivver, so thar ye go :0)

Im not going to see Sasha & Digweed's tour, it makes me sad, but it feels right. I am no determined to go to the UK and see them there. Go to a Bedrock event and see John Digweed, then catch Sasha somewhere. And someday I will see them together.

The end
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