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evar2evoli's Journal

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Coyote of the Infinite Sun
25 April
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They call me Teenager
They call me Raver
They call me Actor
They call me DJ
They call me Freak
They call me Artist
They call me Son
They call me Sun
They call me Consertive
They call me Wild
They call me Out there
They call me Within

They call me everything but......me......

That's all I am, I am just myself. I may do things that cause people to call me things. To put me in a box, "File him under ____."

This is my Journal. Look if you may. This LJ thing is a cure and a curse. A serious Love/Hate deal.

I am here, here am I. Hear me now, now im here.

^_^, acting, anything cool, art of trance, bad taste, basement jaxx, bay area rave scene, beauty, beverages, bt, burritos, calzones, cheese, chemical brothers, chicane, chinese food, christopher lawrence, computers, conan the barbarian, cool people, cool stuff, coolness, coyotes, crouching tiger hidden dragon, crystal method, d&d, dark city, darshan, death in vegas, deep dish, deep house, digital sun, digweed, dj, dj d, dj dan, dj gianni, djing, drinks, drum and bass, dungeons & dragons, dvd, dvds, f-8, fantasy, fatboy slim, fight club, food, french fries, friends, fries, fsol, future sound of london, games, girls, glowsticks, goa, gourmet food, hallucinogen, harmonics, hawaii, house, hybrid, imrpov, independent films, infected mushroom, italian food, japanese food, john digweed, juice, jungles, juno reactor, k phoenyxx, live journal, ltj bukem, mars & mystre, memento, mexican food, mixers, miyaka, movies, mp3, mp3s, music, nature, noel sanger, noel w. sanger, norman cook, nrg, oakey, orbital, oriental food, outdoors, paul oakenfold, people, pictures, pizza, poetry, progressive trance, propeller heads, psytrance, rave, rave scene, raves, reccords, reprazent, robert miles, roleplaying, roni size & reprazent, s.u.n. project, san francisco, sasha, sasha & digweed, sasha & john digweed, shakespeare, sigur ros, skills, sleeping, smiles, smiling, snowboarding, spike & mike's animation, spinning, spirituality, star wars, tarot cards, techno, terra ferma, the abyss, the crystal method, the dust brothers, the matrix, the moon, the orb, the scene, the sky, the stars, the sun, theater, theatre, tom slik, trance, uberzone, underground raves, undergrounds, vinyl, william orbit, writing, yummy things

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