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The Pisces Moon Parties are going really well. I felt I played a pretty kickin set, im gaining more confidence to do weird shit, which means that sometimes I can miss it a little, but it's all good 'cuz once in a while I pull off something crazy. I also sold all of my CDs I burned except for 1! I hope people tell me what they think. Sheesh, I can't believe it's my first recorded mix. Scary...

The party was really amazing. The mix of people was real smoooooth. Had some great conversations. I felt so happy, but my neck hurt sooooo much. Egh, and it hurts now so I want to get off the comp.

OMG, Patrick rocked the decks HARD! He doesn't really have the beat matching thing down yet, but his record selection and the way he made it flow was siiiick! Once that boy gets some beat matching skillz he's gonna be a bad ass DJ. He's got a sik funky tech trance sorta style. It's the shit.

Lesssseeeeee, yup, it's happened again. Seems like consistantly every 2 months I find a girl I become fascinated by. Yesh, she was at the party as well. Anyways, we've been friends for a while and so it's hard for me to just be all "Heyyyy, baby, I dig you." So im going to write her a note and give it to her in person with a deep red rose. Or whatever feels right...

Channeling spirits via a Ouji sorta board is crazy. There was this one that was really powerful and creepy and stayed with me for too long...*shivers* Next time I'll be ready for something like that though.

Gotta love the monk of sorts though :0)

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Deleted comment

Im glad you got to express your darkness instead of bottling it up! I know how that can be.. and thank YOU for vibing with the energy I was moving on tha decks!

Yes, I have a CD with your name on it, not literally though :0)
who is she?! which girl! tell tell tell!